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14 Jan

Flush LLC on the set of Disney movie  “ Finest Hours “

Flush was exclusive restroom provider at the Chatham Lighthouse and Coast Guard Station  for “The Finest Hours” filming There was a lot of snow at the Coast Guard Station and Chatham Lighthouse last year , with vintage cars covered in make-believe snow in preparation for scenes for the Disney movie “The Finest Hours” about the

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18 Oct

Denzel Washington Entering our Yukon Denali

Here’s a photo the Herald posted a few months back of Denzel Washington on the set of The Equalizer. Denzel is about to enter the 2013 GMC Yukon Denali we rented to him during his stay in Boston. You can rent the same star car as well as a variety of other production equipment at

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17 Oct

Filming of Basic Math – formerly Sex Tape – Wraps in Weston

We’ve been posting updates on Sex Tape as it has filmed in September and October. Production has changed the name of the film to Basic Math, but the film continues to shoot in Boston and the surrounding areas, will filming in Weston wrapping up last week. As we have throughout filming of Basic Math,

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21 Sep

Shelburne Falls and the Movie Industry in Massachusetts

Shelburne Falls is a small New England town that has attracted a lot of attention from Hollywood producers recently. Several major motion pictures have filmed there recently, including the heavily-anticipated film The Judge, starring Robert Duvall and Robert Downey, Jr. The New York Times recently explained why Shelburne Falls serves as such a popular destination

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